Founder’s Circle ($3,000 +)

Sue and Christopher Bancroft

Don and Norma Stone

Robert and Barbara Sypult


Artist’s Circle ($1,000 – $2,999)

Cathy and Eric Barr

Diane and Hal Brierley

Steven Engwall

Melissa and Charles Deur

Robert and Virginia Dupuy

Yolanda and Abram Eisenstein

Howard and Fanchon Hallam

Carolyn Hodo

Larry and Lori Hutchison

Jo and William Jagoda

Stephen Perkins and Hallye Hall

Sally Smith

Nancy and John Solana

Cindy and Arthur Vaughn

Celeste Yeager


Benefactor ($500 – $999)

Ben Alvord

Rosemary Domecki

Delia Duson and Rosemary Heffley

Barbara and Peter Grenier

Wanda Wilson and Rick Holt

Rogene and Doug Howard

Louise W. Kahn Endowment Fund of the Dallas Foundation

Barry and Melissa McNeil

Ruth Robinson

Patsy and Gordon Roe

Karen and Jim Wiley


Patron ($250 – $499)

Caryl Aberle

Joel Emanuel

Penelope and Don Hanmer

John Fox Holt III

Jessie Makil

Richard and Luanne Malnory

Lawrence Martin

Deborah Mashburn

Leo McPherson

Stephen Penrose

W. Paul Radman

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Schilling

Sam and Diana Self

Truman Smith

Bradford and Rebecca Todd

Phyllis Ward

Wesley and Lydda Welcome



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